who was the Siguanaba???

This is a Salvadoran legend or myth that tells about an apparition in the form of a woman with her face covered by thick, gray-black hair who had white arms and fine, ivory-like, hands with long, slender fingers and shiny, pointed nails. The legend says that La Siguanaba or Siguamonta (Pipil word that means beautiful woman) only appears at night on trails to single men or unmarried men who live with a woman, or to boys and old men, when they are not wearing blessed medals, crosses, or religious insignias.

To avoid the appearance of the spirit, you are advised to carry a piece of red colored cloth in your left pocket, place a cross made from pins on your hat, or say to the apparition: “Mary, take your hen’s leg” or “Comadre (godmother of my child), here is your little cigar”.

Source: elsalvador.org


Un comentario en “who was the Siguanaba???

  1. Yo creo que fue algo que se inventaron las abuelitas de los tiempos de antes, para que las hijas se portaran bien.


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